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Zombie Cubes | Hack and Tips

Zombie Cubes tips and cheats deutsch

Zombie Cubes | New Guide


online astuce and trucchi for Zombie Cubes

WARNING: If you are upgrading from the FREE version and want to keep your Highscores and Statistics, boot up the
paid version BEFORE you delete the Free version. After verifying that the data is passed over, you are free to delete
the Free version. Note: Saves does not transfer over, so please finish your game first on the free version!

is the paid version of Zombie Cubes. It contains no ads, permant Double Zombie Cubes Points Bonus and you get 15 000
Zombie Cubes Points for purchasing!

In a round world, far from our own, a outbreak have occurred that makes
everyone into cubes! You are one of the few lucky/unlucky survivors left and you have to fight for your own

Game Features:
*Fight wave after wave to get the best time and highest score! Compete against your
*Progress through the maps to fight bosses and find secret stuff what will help you!
*PowerUps that will
aid you through your survival!
*Upgrade your weapons, PowerUps and traps through your favorite vending machine,
*Craft traps to place around the maps to gain an advantage against the Zombie Cubes!
*Play multiplayer
with friends over a LAN or the internet!

If you have any questions, ideas or have discovered a bug, please send a
E-Mail to: MayoNinjaGames@gmail.com

INFORMATION of Zombie Cubes

  • Devices Suported: Facebook, iOS & Android.

FEATURES of Zombie Cubes guide

  • NO ban RISK!
  • Get unlimited items!
  • Support all iOS and Android version.


INSTRUCTIONS of Zombie Cubes cheats



  1. Select Platform
  2. Connect to your Username/E-mail
  3. Select number of items
  4. Click ‘Generate’ and enjoy your game


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