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Smile Inc Hack | Gems and More Cheats

Smile Inc hack cheats

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INFORMATION of Smile Inc hack iOS

How to use the SMILE Inc hack

What you see here, is a Smile Inc Generator, a little(big) tool, that will help you generate unlimited resources(to be used in game wisely, nothing good lasts forever) for the game Smile Inc.
Those resources being Gems. While the generator was very hard to create, and to obtain the different parts needed to make it work, here is the full work, and for you, the process is very simple to explain, and even easier to use, for a normal user.
First, you must click(or tap) the “Online Hack” button. You will be at the Smile Inc Generator webpage, and it will ask you to select the platform, Android or iOS.
Choose which one you use, and then, you must type your username in.
When you’re done, select the ammount of Gems you need. For example; click on Gems, type in the ammount you want.
Press the “Generate” button, and there will be a window asking you to connect your Mobile Device. Click “Done”. If you are using the Smile Inc Generator from your mobile, don’t worry, no need to connect anything, just press “Done!”.
The generator will start working, as you will be able to see in the “Console” on the left corner. Wait a few minutes, until the items generation is completed.
Do the “Human Verification”, and it’s done. The items will commence to appear on your Smile Inc account in less than one hour.
The server is fully optimized, and you will(probably) never encounter problems when loading the Generator. Remember, it can be used whenever you want, but we recommend not abusing.

INSTRUCTIONS to use Smile Inc hack iOS

Paso 1: Make clic in the botton Like and Share!

Step 2: Make clic in the +1 botton!

Paso 3: Use the generator hack of Smile Inc!


online Smile Inc hack cheats for iOS Android

The basics of the SMILE Inc game

When starting at Smile Inc, you will be presented with two different control methods, tilting, or a virtual joystick.
Tilting looks like the best idea, early on the game, but… With some practice, you can learn the virtual joystick’s perfect movement style, for the tricky moments of the game. Have a try with both methods and see which feels most natural to you.
Don’t forget, you can adjust the sensitivity which can make a huge difference!

Some tips: Look out for helmets. These protect you from one hit. It’s a small bonus but it’s helpful for those times you slip up. Remember,(nearly) everything is out to get you. The game is cruel at times. It’ll place coins or gems directly above a trap, making you tempted to risk it. Don’t do it. You’ll die. Also, you can happily run into people, though. They’re good to go.

You can also drink coffee, it’s a powerup that appears quite often. It’ll speed you up massively for a brief time but that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, you’re better off going slower so that you have time to react accordingly.

Always check the missions available, and do them, the more often you complete missions, the more often you get free gems. Experiment and discover which ability works best with your style of playing. Once in a while, you are offered to get a free mistery chest, by watching an ad video, it’s boring, but it’s worth it for one of those nice-y mistery chests, right?

After you die, you can extend your run by watching an ad. It’s not worth doing every time, as you only have limited ads each day, but it’s useful when you’ve done particularly well.

Download SMILE Inc for Android and iOS

If you want to play Smile Inc, you need to download it. Here are some links for the official download pages from iTunes, and GooglePlay.



How to get Gems in SMILE Inc

First, why collect all those gems? Well, the answer is very simple: They are here to help you get new mistery chests, which typically contain new hats, skins, or.. Special stuff, you know.

Very well, so there’s one really easy way to get free gems, every day you play.

Daily missions. Every new day, there are a few daily missions, which you can fulfil in not much time, they are on easy-average difficulty, and the best of all; they give you gems, for FREE. Enjoy!

FEATURES of Smile Inc hack Android

  • NO ban RISK!
  • Get unlimited Gems and More!
  • Support all iOS and Android version.


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