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Death Run : Mini Game | Hack and Tips

Death Run : Mini Game tips and cheats deutsch

Death Run : Mini Game | New Guide


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The funny game “Death Run” is available on the Play Store now! Developed and published by FingerLegend, the
developer of game “Hide N Seek”, “The Build Battle” and many other mini games.

DeathRun has 2 teams: Runners and
Deaths. Both have one simple objective: Death’s job is to kill the runners by activating traps at the right time, and
the Runner’s job is to make it to the end as fast as possible.

Runners have to parkour their way to the end of
the map. However, the Deaths will try and stop them, by activating traps. Try to pay attention to the trap color, if the
color is red, it means the trap was recently activated and will not be activated for a short amount of time – this is
where you can safely go; if the color is yellow, the trap was activated a lot of time before you arrived. If the color
is green, it means the trap can be activated at any time – this is where you MUST pay attention, Deaths can appear from
nowhere, activate the trap and kill you.

Deaths have to kill the Runners. As a Death, try NOT TO target ONE
single person, as it is a waste of time; try to stick with a group of at least 5 people, so you will have a higher
chance of getting more kills and stopping more people at once.

– Support servers in United States,
Europe, Australian, Japan and Asia.
– Support worldwide multiplayer, up to 24 players can play together
– Support
3 types of view points: First person, third person, third person from the front
– Support many types of texture
– Support many types of traps. Air snake, falling stone, piston launcher, minefield and so on
– Well
designed game logic. The game can still run even if the owner of the game has left the game
– Good game
– Great graphics, you can see the screenshots here. They are all captured in the game
– Support
uploading your favorite skins to be used in the game
– Support jumping, extra jumping, dashing, sneaking

INFORMATION of Death Run : Mini Game

  • Devices Suported: Facebook, iOS & Android.

FEATURES of Death Run : Mini Game guide

  • NO ban RISK!
  • Get unlimited items!
  • Support all iOS and Android version.


INSTRUCTIONS of Death Run : Mini Game cheats



  1. Select Platform
  2. Connect to your Username/E-mail
  3. Select number of items
  4. Click ‘Generate’ and enjoy your game


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