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Crew Chief for Project Cars | Hack and Tips

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Crew Chief for Project Cars | New Guide


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This app is an alternative race engineer for Project Cars which contains more accurate and detailed radio messages
than the built in race engineer. It knows many of the AI drivers’ names which will be included in messages where
appropriate, and can also be extended to include real drivers’ names. It’s also a spotter, and will tell you when
there’s a car along side. The app includes voice recognition with a set of phrases you can use to request updates from
the race engineer.

The app runs in the background and continues to play messages when the screen is off or
another application is being used.

This version is the full app and includes some bad language, which can be
disabled with the ‘use sweary messages’ setting.

To use the app, your phone / tablet must be connected to via
Wi-Fi to the same network that the console / PC is on. The app needs a good quality connection to work properly. In the
in-game options you need enable the UDP option (in the Gameplay settings). The app works best with this option set to 1,
2, or 3.

There’s more detailed documentation here:


The app will respond to lots of voice commands. Using this functionality isn’t necessary to get the best
out of the app – it will automatically play messages it considers important without needing to be prompted – but some
additional information can be obtained by using voice commands. The commands the app understands include:

my [engine / brakes / suspension / body work / aero] – gives a damage assessment
How’s my [fuel / tyre wear] – gives
an assessment of your current fuel level or tyre condition
What’s fuel level – reports your fuel level (in
What’s my [best lap time / last lap time / position] – reports your best / last lap time (if it was a valid
lap) or your position
What’s my [gap in front / gap behind] – reports the time gap to the car in front / behind in
the race
What’s the [car in front / car behind]’s [best lap time / last lap time] – reports opponent best / last lap
What’s the [car in front / car behind / the leader]’s [best lap time / last lap time] – reports opponent best /
last lap times
What’s the [car in P 10]’s [best lap time / last lap time] – reports opponent best / last lap times
for the specified opponent race position
What’s the [air temperature / track temperature] – reports the air or track
Spot / don’t spot – toggles the spotter function on / off
Keep quiet / shut up / I know what I’m doing
/ no more updates – temporarily switches off radio messages (note that the spotter messages will continue to
Keep me informed / talk to me – switches radio messages back on
Repeat last message / say again / repeat
please – replay the last radio message

There are other messages the app understands and this is a part of the
app that will continue to grow and improve.

To use voice commands, you need to assign a button to the ‘Open radio
channel’ action. Start Project Cars and ensure your controller is plugged in and the app’s UDP option is enabled. Click
the Open radio channel action in the Assign buttons screen, then click the Assign button. Then press the controller
button you want to assign to this action. It the ‘Hold button while talking’ checkbox is selected, you must hold the
button down while talking and the app will process the voice command once the button’s released. If this checkbox isn’t
selected you can just press and release the button, make your voice command, and the app will process the command as
soon as it’s recognised it.

INFORMATION of Crew Chief for Project Cars

  • Devices Suported: Facebook, iOS & Android.

FEATURES of Crew Chief for Project Cars guide

  • NO ban RISK!
  • Get unlimited items!
  • Support all iOS and Android version.


INSTRUCTIONS of Crew Chief for Project Cars cheats



  1. Select Platform
  2. Connect to your Username/E-mail
  3. Select number of items
  4. Click ‘Generate’ and enjoy your game


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